i gizoogled my site lol

July 28, 2007

theres a site to gizoogle your blog so check it out

it may take a while to load


i wasn’t myself

July 27, 2007

sorry i wasn’t myself when i posted about the hacks, I will never put hacks on my blog


July 27, 2007

well im going to bring back hacks just know you can get banned i myself do not hack im just really good at cart surfer

GCP sorry its late

July 26, 2007

look at the GCP page

new rules page

July 19, 2007

please once you visit my site check out the rules page

please follow these rules

new update for GCP

July 17, 2007

check out the GCP page

wear stuff with hoody

July 15, 2007

you can wear what ever you want with the hoody