im shutting down my site

September 15, 2007

ill keep it but i will not update it anymore



September 6, 2007

i found out my old account


September 6, 2007

club penguin is getting pretty boring so im probably gonna quit it soon


August 25, 2007

i don’t know why but i got banned it sucks but at least it’s not forever

im limited

August 12, 2007

in a while i won’t be able to do as much stuff on the internet including updating my blog, going on club penguin, going on forums, ect because when summer ends i only get to go online for an hour a day and i get a lot of homework


August 10, 2007

sorry i havent posted in a while i was having a huge airsoft war,

the new mission opened and im closing the help page

i got a forum

August 4, 2007

i got a forum in my blogroll