i forgot

May 30, 2007

by the way the whistle is in the forest so get it before its gone



May 28, 2007

i will put my 1 of my animations in the download on every Saturday.

sorry again

May 27, 2007

my mom keeps making me go out on the days of my meetings sorry. go to the gcp page and find out when next meeting is.

sorry about my sharing box

May 27, 2007

its messed up this is what you have to do click in the top right corner and click the top action.

my sharing box

May 26, 2007

you may now upload my animations from  a program i found called EZtoons

igloo contest!!!

May 24, 2007

im going to have an igloo contest starting today ending may 31st so email me pictures of your igloo the theme is castle igloos!!! please include your username in the email. I will post the winner on the winner page. My email is jrkelly@csinet.net

the hacks are gone now…bye

May 24, 2007

the are now gone from my site